No furniture? No problem. Find furnished apartments for rent easily

No furniture? No problem. Find furnished apartments for rent easily

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by SMonteith

Furnishing your apartment can seem like an odyssey, searching through furniture stores, department stores, classifieds, and online listings, and after every furniture purchase, there always seems to be another piece of furniture that you need to get. But there is an option before you even rent an apartment that allows you to avoid the furnishing process all together: renting a furnished apartment.  

For renters who have no furniture, a furnished apartment can save enormous amounts of time and money. When looking for furnished apartments for rent, time is spent looking for a great apartment in the perfect location, rather than running from store to store looking for furniture. Furnished apartments mean a move with far less stress with a minimum of packing and unpacking. There’s probably no need to hire movers or rent a truck. In fact, apartments that are furnished make sense any time the renter needs to move frequently, as is often the case for people who are required to change their home base regularly for work.

The key to finding a furnished apartment is often using a corporate housing service. These efficient companies specialize in providing short term leases on furnished apartments for rent that include a host of desirable amenities. Oakwood is a particularly well known and highly reputable organization that provides people who have no furniture with a comfortable, fully equipped apartment in which to live. Oakwood furnished apartments are available around the world, and featured amenities include set up of all utilities and a full housekeeping option. Apartments with one or more bedrooms are widely available.

In fact, many of the amenities at an Oakwood property are like those at an upscale hotel. The difference is that the furnished apartment has a great deal more square footage and many personalized touches that no hotel can duplicate. With gourmet kitchens and full dining rooms, these apartments are just like home. is another well regarded service that helps connect clients with furnished apartments for rent. Again, short term leases are available, and apartments range in size from one to three bedrooms. Internet connections are free, and all utilities, including cable, are set up in advance. Full housekeeping is included in these amenity filled furnished apartments.

At, users begin their search by choosing a city. From there, it’s possible to sort by the number of bedrooms and baths, and to shuffle results from minimum to maximum rent. There’s also a selection to filter by furnished rentals, which include all kitchen appliances. However, the website requires user registration before property details can be viewed. Once registered, the user can also check availability of the furnished rentals. The website sends out periodic emails to members to keep them apprised of available rentals.

Some furnished apartments are privately owned and are best located through classified advertisements in newspapers or in online classifieds like craigslist. These classified advertisements will specify whether or not an apartment is furnished. On craigslist, it is even possible to filter results by searching specifically for a furnished apartment.

When renters have no furniture, they have several choices to make. They could run all over town, spending a great deal of money trying to furnish an apartment all at once. This endeavor is stressful and costly. Once everything is purchased, it still needs to be moved and unpacked at the new apartment.

Furnished apartments for rent are the better alternative. Many of these properties are managed by corporate housing services that can make the transition easy and efficient. It’s even possible to look for apartments that are fully equipped that are not necessarily part of a global corporate housing service, like those located at Additionally, traditional classified ads in the newspaper and online classified websites like craigslist can both be outstanding resources.

For a move that is stress free and quick, finding an apartment with all of the trimmings included is truly the best answer.

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